Street Charge – Solar Panel Charging Stations

People expect power everywhere.

It’s the first thing you see when you hit StreetCharge’s website, and something we’ve been saying here at Chargebar for a long time.

So what is StreetCharge?

In short, it’s a solar powered phone charging station installed predominantly in out of home locations in the US.

Each charging station looks a lot like a helicopter blades. The outdoor structure has three long arms with 15 watt solar cells which produce clean energy to recharge a device of anyone who connects.

It also contains a 168 watt battery to store power for when the sun isn’t shining, e.g. at night.

At hip height, there are 6 waterproof charging cables for people to connect to, as well as signage, which allow advertisers to ‘be the hero’.

StreetCharge recently teamed up with AT&T and deployed the public solar charging stations in locations across all five New York City boroughs. The installation gained nationwide attention in the US, further stimulating conversation about the need for more public charging locations.

This summer, AT&T is planning on doubling the number of locations, a clear indication there is huge demand for the product.

“AT&T Street Charge grew out of a need for a sustainable power source during Superstorm Sandy [in 2012] and took on a life of its own when we deployed more than two dozen solar-powered units around the city last summer,” said Marissa Shorenstein, AT&T’s New York State president. “We’re excited to expand the program this year to more locations for longer periods of time so that anyone who needs a charge on the go can find one.”

The company’s charging stations are also available to hire for large events such a festivals, sporting events and conferences.

Check out these great pics and videos to find out more.





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