Ten reasons why charging stations are a ‘must have’ for exhibition booths

In case you hadn’t noticed, event delegates are constantly staring at their phones – even while walking around the showroom floor!

But despite most batteries running out by early afternoon, very few people will carry their charger around with them.

So you want to engage participants with long conversation, right? Want to make your booth a place for people to gather? The answer is simple – hire a phone charging station!

Here’s the top 10 reasons why you should hire a charging station for your event:

  1. Stop attendees gathering around open outlets
  2. Keep attendees at your booth longer
  3. Increase dwell time and engage with grateful attendees
  4. Increase foot traffic to your exhibition stand
  5. Keep attendees on the trade show floor longer – not running back to their hotel room for a charger
  6. Build brand buzz
  7. Deliver your advertising message to a highly captive audience
  8. Stand out from competitor’s exhibition stands
  9. Charge up to 16 devices at once
  10. Charge virtually all handsets on the market – don’t miss a single lead!

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