Evolve housing purchased a chargbar for use for our staff and residents at events and in our office. We like that it caters for all different types if devices.Our staff enjoy being able to charge their phones during the day while they’re working meaning they don’t have to stress about their battery while they’re out View Full →


My favourite feature is that you can charge multiple devices at the same time be they Android or Apple. My staff and students love the Chargebar and it is inconstant use which proves my claim. Very satisfactory, long may it continue. I would definitely recommend it to other colleagues in school or libraries.


We use the Riley Chargebars in our halls of residence and our students absolutely love them! The chargebars enable multiple students to charge their devices quickly whilst they do something else – hang out in their common room, chat with friends or study. Being able to have their own personalised artwork on each chargebar is View Full →

Mr Bean

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I purchased Chargebar because I know the potential in PNG. I love chargebar because the concept is simple and my favourite feature is the product quality. My customers like chargebar because it works!! I rate chargebar as highly competitive and reliable. I would recommend chargebar to any hospitality venue looking to have the edge and View Full →


We are a small rural library service and purchased the chargebar to assist patrons (especially backpackers and fruit pickers) to charge their devices. Often we found all power points being used by our patrons and we needed something concise and versatile to offer them.The Chargebar is perfect for their needs.I love the product because it View Full →