The Best Places to Charge Your Phone



On an average night out in 2018 we don’t just want the basic amenities anymore. Forget the craft beer and LED-lit bathrooms equipped with the latest Dyson hand dryer 3000. Phone charging facilities within venues has skyrocketed as both patrons and staff battle to keep customers in their venue. What better way to do this than extending one’s night with some extra phone charge!

We have collated our favourite venues in each state that provide phone charging so you can keep your night alive and charging on!

Riverview Hotel

Opened in 1880, this historic pub serves as a cornerstone for good food and white in the heart of Balmain. Countless licensee’s have operated the venue including Olympic gold medallist, Dawn Fraser. With phone charging facilities now also available the is one of the most complete pubs in Sydney

Union Hotel

Recently crowned with the best Burger in the city in 2017, the Union is a classic pub in North Sydney that accommodates for everyone, from young families to buddying businessmen.  Regular happy hour, poker Wednesdays and sporting specials makes it the ideal place for some extra time re-charging.

Criterion Hotel

Located in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Sydney on Pitt street, this classic urban hotel provides the lot with accommodation, sports bar, exotic Irish beer and now (most importantly) phone charging!




All year round the Woolshed is absolutely pumping. Catering to all ages during the day, Woolshed Fridays go off with hundreds of local Adelaidians coming down to Hindley Street to partake in the usual festivities. Mobile phone charging devices can now keep everyone snap-chatting their latest drinking game or mate’s suspicious dance moves all night long.

The Goody

Goodwood roads most famous destination boasting one of the best beer gardens on the strip has just about everything you want from your local pub. With phone charging as an additional extra there is absolutely zero excuse for leaving early now.

Black Bull

Saturdays are for the Black Bull! Known as Adelaide’s first permanent hotel we can see why it has stuck around with regular DJ’s producing some absolute bangers on a Saturday night. If sampling the menu is more your style why not sit back and relax in the Black Bull’s spacious restaurant and sip away on a glass of Black Dog shiraz admiring the majestic sight of a charge safe securely charging your device.

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