The Event App bible

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Event apps have moved from niche to mainstream, with many event organisers now considering them an essential service for any major conference, festival, sporting or other large event.


But which app developer should you use? What features should you include? How much should you pay? How do you promote it?


The smart guys and gals at have all the answers you need in a comprehensive free eBook.


It acts as a “guide to evaluate, compare and understand the event mobile app ecosystem” and is “the largest research to date”.


The only thing missing? Facilities for your event attendees to recharge.


If you invest a considerable amount of money into an event app, keep in mind that a large proportion of people will run out of battery and not be able to access it.


Events are the most battery draining environments going around – photos, social media, calls, texts, web browsing and, of course, utilising your event app – all in over drive.


Proving a device charging station is as crucial as providing the event app itself. You can’t have one without the other! Call us for a quote.


Download the free eBook here.


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