The super fast charge is here! Finally!

When we started designing and manufacturing our phone charging stations (many moons ago now), we spent a lot time looking into charging speed. We wanted to provide the fastest possible recharge for our users when out-of-home.

Speed matters, we get it!

Our vision was simple – a network of phone charging stations, in every possible out-of-home location, where people could receive a big recharge in under a minute.

Unfortunately though, there was a big problem. Well actually two problems. Apple, and to a lesser extent, Samsung.

You see, it’s the phone manufacturer (e.g. Apple, Samsung) who dictates the charging speed. No matter how many volts or amps we supplied, there was no possible way to recharge the devices any faster than a wall charger.

Why? Its the smartphone’s operating system that decides how fast it will ‘pull’ the current. No exceptions.

However this week we’ve heard news of an Israeli-based company claiming they can recharge a smartphone to full in under 30 seconds. And by the looks of the video below, they are not kidding!

From what we can gather (and we’re just guessing at this stage), they’ve used a jailbroken Android phone, circumventing the Android operating system.

Their technology uses ‘peptides’. That’s right, the same banned substances at the centre of the NRL performance enhancing drugs scandal.

Regardless of what’s used, we’re very excited about this. Admittedly the company says that the technology is 3 years away from commercialisation, which probably means 5 years. Nevertheless, the future of charging is looking fast.

Imagine walking into a bar and having a charging kiosk where you can plug in and be done in 30 seconds. Unreal!

However, a word of caution. Apple is generally not supportive of anything it doesn’t own. Take NFC for example. Great technology, however not adopted by Apple, so overall it’s been a bit of a fizzer.

We fear this could go the same way… however only time will tell. Until then we’ll keep you updated on how this technology progresses.


by Jonathon Tunner
by Jonathon Tanner
Managing Director | Chargebar Pty Ltd
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