Top 10 University Chargebar designs for 2013

Did your Uni make the Top 10 for 2013? Check out the complete the list!

#10. University of Newcastle: A clever use of a phone and cable graphic
#9. TAFE Polytechnic West: Columns bars growing in size and colour, just like a phone    recharging
#8. La Trobe Student Union: It’s not often we like black designs, however we think this one is tops
#7. UOWL: Shades of green and white a great colour combo
#6. TAFE Petersham College: The purple really pops. You won’t miss this Chargebar!
#5. ACU: Strong, dominant logo is a real eye catcher
#4. Griffith University: This design reinforces the Uni’s commitment to student services
#3. UNSW: Clever use of colours and design, combined with a prominent logo
#2. Bond University: Background image of a Bond University building makes this one of our all time favourites
#1. University of Southern Queensland: Top of the list! A design that jumps out at you, presents the Uni as modern and innovative, with clear text to attract users. Well done USQ!


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