Top 5 Smart Phone Apps That Will Save You Time And Money

Top 5 Smart Phone Apps That Will Save You Time And Money

We have collated our favourite apps this month that will be sure you save you time and money, and add value to your life.


Do you find yourself trying to remember 101 passwords and having to reset them on a regular basis? 1Password will allow you to save ALL of your logins, credit card numbers, personal identity numbers all under the one roof.

Trust us, this will save you time and valuable mental energy! Have all of your important info under the one roof. Best feature is that is will cost you all of $0 dollars!

  1. Dropbox

An oldy but a goodie, this one we would actually recommend extending beyond the phone and install across all of your devices, most importantly your computer!

At Chargebar we have actually transferred all of our computer documents to the cloud and the result has been nothing short of amazing. We can now share folders at the drop of a hat, update and access important files whilst on the go. Best feature, you will never loose another document again! Everything is saved to the cloud so if your computer has a breakdown or you drop your phone in a puddle, you can always access all of your files from your neighbours computer or mobile device.

Google Drive has similar features if you are set up on a Gmail account.

  1. Phonto

Do you love all the memes and motivational images that are being spread around the internet?

We have been looking for an App whereby you can easily overlay text and logos on to an image to give it a specific meaning, and Phonto had the answer. Phonto will allow you to use your images and turn them into pieces of art. A must for Instagram lovers.

  1. Spotify

Spotify have done all of the marketing themselves, however, this app still has us in awe on a daily basis. We now have the ability to access all of the world’s music and create our own tailored playlists, share the playlist with friends, and discover new music by following our favorite musicians.

One of the best features is the ‘Play Offline’ option where you can actually listen to all of your favorite playlists even when you are not connected. If you love music, you will love Spotify.

  1. Nemo Language Apps

Have you always wanted to learn a new language? Or want an easy-to-use phrase book for when you are exploring a new country? Nemo language apps are fantastic and will get you up to speed on the essentials in no time.

The App is available in 34 languages, they have a free ‘lite’ version for each, and you are guaranteed to have the correct pronunciation with their playback features.

Well there you have it, download and enjoy these great apps! Stay tuned for more great smart phone tips and tricks with Chargebar.



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