Top 9 Apps Draining Your Phone’s Battery


As apps continue to get more sophisticated, they’re also sucking more life out of your phone’s battery, which explains why we’re usually down to 10% battery by 5 p.m.

Learning which of your apps are the most battery draining can help you make smarter decisions when using your smartphone.

Fifteen minutes of Google Maps usage can use up to 9 MB of data, draining your battery. Fast. Shut it down once you’ve finished using it.

2. Facebook
Everyone’s favourite App refreshes even when running in the background. When in use, 15 minutes of Facebook time will use about 5 MB of data. Turn off the automatic refresh on your App settings to avoid battery drain.

3. Camera
Your battery life will take a hit if you don’t remember to turn off your camera’s geolocation services.

4. Carat
Carat’s location services tracker can do more harm than good

5. Weather
It constantly refreshes when you change locations

6. Skype
Like Facebook, Skype doesn’t break the connection to Make sure to sign up if you don’t want your battery drained.

7. Twitter
Twitter also takes a toll on battery even when running in the background.

8. Square Wallet
The app uses geo-fencing, so it’s going to use about 6 MB of data every ten minutes.

9. Angry Birds
Free games can cause an unexpected drain on your battery. The pop-up advertising of the free versions is what causes the gradual drain of your battery.

Some general tips for making the most of your battery life are: to keep Location Services off until you need it, avoid apps with lots of advertisements, close down games, the biggest culprits and keep your 3G or 4G and Wi-Fi off when not in use.




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