True wireless charging around the corner

Is true wireless charging actually going to happen?

The closest group to it are a bunch of guys called uBeam. Their founder Meredith Perry has claimed that a fully functional prototype has been released.

What is this difference to other so called ‘wireless’ charging? We’re sure you’re already seen charging on mats or other contact surfaces, however despite often being called ‘wireless’ this is actually ‘inductive’ charging.

uBeam goes one step further and appears to be the real deal. Complete wireless charging not using a mat or the phone needing to be in contact with any surface. Think of it as the WiFi of charging.

The system uses ultrasound-based technology which will effectively allow you to roam around while your phone gets juiced up. Pretty cool ay?

We won’t try to explain it so according to engadget it works like this:

A thin charging station takes electricity and converts it into sounds, which are then transmitted over ultrasound. A receiver stuck to a phone or any other device then catches those sound waves and converts them back into energy. It does have limitations, though, such as not being able to pass through walls like WiFi, so you’ll have to buy several transmitters if you want to be able to charge wirelessly in every room.

See below a video of this cool device at work:

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