Universities harness power of the digital revolution


Father of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, outlined his vision for the future of the Internet and its benefits to humanity at the City Talk forum at Sydney Town Hall on Tuesday night.

Professor Ross Milbourne, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Technology Sydney said Then, Now, Tomorrow: What’s next for the World Wide Web was the fastest event in the cities history to sell out – it took just two hours for the free tickets to be snapped up by the tech community.

He explained digital technologies demanded universities to adapt to the digital revolution through changes to the educational model; UTS is constructing a series of new buildings with greater social spaces through a constant focus on innovation and digital technologies.

Professor Milbourne said “The World Wide Web continues to enable transformation of the whole teaching and learning paradigm, opening up knowledge fields to generations both younger and older through newer platforms for interdisciplinary collaboration.”

We will mentor students to use technology and embrace it.”

By Lauren Sinfield

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