What’s the best cable configuration for a charging station?

We get this question – a lot.

First let’s start with the 3 cable we recommend – Apple Lightning (for iPhone 5 & 6, Apple Air), Apple Legacy (for iPhone 3 & 4, iPad earlier versions) and Micro USB (for Samsung, HTC, Nokia, new Blackberries, etc.).

You obviously want one of each, but how many of each?

Well it will depend on many factors, but most importantly:
• The market share of the device (i.e. how many people have an iPhone versus a Samsung)
• The battery life of the device (i.e. does it last 1 day or 2 days)
• The location of the charging station (e.g. if positioned in a corporate tower where every employee is given a iPhone, there’s not much point having Micro USB cables!)

Here’s our recommend cable configuration, broken down by each of our products:

Kippax (total 4 cables)
• 2 Apple Lightning
• 1 Apple Legacy
• 1 Micro USB

Riley (total 8 cables)
• 3 Apple Lightning
• 2 Apple Legacy
• 3 Micro USB

Collins (total 8 cables)
• 3 Apple Lightning
• 2 Apple Legacy
• 3 Micro USB

Foster (total 16 cables)
• 6 Apple Lightning
• 4 Apple Legacy
• 6 Micro USB

What about the old Mini USB? Well this is now for devices which are greater than 6 years old (e.g. the old Blackberries), so we no longer recommend providing these cables.

Can we customize the cable config for your Chargebar? Yes, of course! Contact us to discuss further.

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