“Where do I install my chargebar?”

Chargebar is a brand new service for students, so it can be hard to understand the in’s and out’s of placement and accessibility. We’ve come up with some simple tips to ensure you and your students get the most out of the service.


1. First things first: How many chargebars does my campus need?

This will depend on the number of students your university has and how big the campus is. Generally, we recommend at least three, with five being the most popular amount. Why? Think of charging stations as an important utility for your students – you wouldn’t have students run across campus to access a water fountain or free wifi, so you shouldn’t just install a single chargebar. University of Newcastle recently installed five at their Callaghan campus, while a US uni took it to the extreme and installed 60 – where students have the ability to recharge almost anywhere on campus.


2. Where should I install the chargebar?

Wherever you put it, make sure it’s in a comfortable wait area as students will be there for 10-20 minutes while their phone is recharging. The most popular installations include libraries, study lounges, food and beverage areas, student unions, computer centres and bookstores. If campus accommodation is an option, put the chargebar in a games room or lounge area.

It may sound obvious, but install the chargebar in a highly visible location. The more people that see the public phone charging service, the more it will get used!


3.Common mistakes

Don’t place the chargebar in locations such as the back of a room where no one can see it, hallways with high foot traffic or hard-to-access places where waiting is uncomfortable. Putting chairs underneath the unit is not recommended, because if the chairs become occupied, access to the charging station will be inhibited.

For more details see our ‘Where to put your chargebar’ guide

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