Why Does Australia Need Phone Charging?

Smartphones have replaced everything. As well as being a phone, they can be a computer, a calculator, a tv, a book, and even a watch. There are over 17 million smartphone users in Australia, and approximately 2 billion in the world. Everyone is connected 24 hours a day, using their phones to find places to eat, people to meet, post on social media about their experiences, and communicate with friends. All of this ends with a flat battery.

Businesses everywhere are embracing phone charging as the newest addition to their customer service offering. These businesses all understand the value of keeping their customers charged up. To a pub, late night venue, restaurant, or café, giving patrons access to a phone charging service means they’ll buy that extra drink, grab a second coffee, or stick around for lunch. For a university, students can stay connected, and continue their study in peace. In a hospital or medical facility, visitors can eliminate one element of stress, knowing full well that they’ll always be able to communicate with loved ones.

Businesses need phone charging because Australians need their phones charged. This comes in the form of a Riley mounted to a wall, a secure Chargesafe operated with a touchscreen, or the convenient Devonshire coaster-sized portable chargers. Chargebar has presented a simple solution to the world’s battery woes, because as long as smartphones are at the centre of everything we do, they’ll need a Chargebar to power them.

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