Why is battery life getting worse?

We all know the trend: desktop computer sales plummet and smartphone and tablets take over the world. But with so many portable devices, why does the battery life still suck?

One word. Competition! Apple and Samsung (and the handful of other has-beens) are constantly trying to bring you the latest and greatest device. This means smaller, thinner and more powerful devices. Reduce the battery size and make it do more = shorter battery life. But surely some smart brains are close to a breakthrough?

Yes, every year there’s major battery life improvements, but not enough to keep up with new ways to drain it. This phenomenon is called Jevons Paradox.

In simple terms, it means that improvements in technology (e.g. battery life) actually increase the rate of consumption of that technology. For batteries, this means that every improvement in battery life causes millions more people to demand more battery power.

Said another way: the better your smartphone battery, the more you (and everyone else) use it.
 Combine this with finite battery sizes and the trend is clear: battery life will continue to get worse.

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