Why Smartphone Batteries Are Not Getting Better

If we look at the design of mobile phones over the past decade, it is simply astonishing to see how rapidly the designs themselves have evolved; from the first brick to the flip phone, back to the brick in a much slimmer and sexier smartphone model. It seems that every week there is a new release of a more powerful and user friendly design, with new apps to make our lives better. However, if we look specifically at the battery in all of these new smartphones, it seems like there has been little to no improvements. People keep saying to us “it doesn’t make sense as to why a battery wouldn’t evolve as fast as the design and functionality found within the phone itself!”. Reality is, smartphone battery cannot keep up with the advancements in app and performance technology.

The lithium ion battery appeared in the market in the late 1990’s and quickly became labeled as the most successful mobile phone battery. The lithium battery was non-toxic and was able to hold a 40% more charge, plus is was a thinner battery that was considerably lighter in weight.

However, since then we’ve plateaued and are currently in research and developments to find the next phase of smartphone batteries. For the time being, smartphones have the option to either increase the size of the battery itself (making the phone even bigger then they are already), or reduce the processing power and capabilities of the phone (and we wouldn’t want that would we!).

As technology rapidly advances, consumers expect their mobile phone performance to increase as well. However, the only way to effectively allow for higher processing speed and power is to allocate extra power from the battery. Simply put, as apps become more demanding, they take up more battery power and ultimately wear down our phone battery. So no matter how good the phone, the battery will continue to be an issue for all smartphone users.

So what is the solution? Keep your phone charged up as much as possible. Batteries do have a ‘memory effect’ so the better you look after them, the better they will perform. We would also recommend that you close all of your mobile phone apps, especially the GPS enabled, they are renowned for using up precious battery power.

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Charge on!


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