Wireless Charging – the Future?

Scene: You enter your room. Your phone, laptop and tablet are all just sitting there on your table… charging wirelessly. There are no signs of cables lying in the corner. No wire jungle. No way to trip over them.

This has always been the vision.

Wirelessly charging your phone. It’s convenient and reliable… at least from what we’ve seen so far.


Wireless Charging. What is it?

Wireless charging is basically wirelessly transferring power to your portable devices from a source. It works within an electromagnetic field, sending an electric current from the source to the portable device to charge its battery without the need to physically connect the device.


Current Support for Wireless Charging in Phones?

Wireless charging is most familiarly used for smartphones today. Current technology may not be there yet as wireless charging technically requires a charging pad to be plugged in. From there, you simply pop your phone on the pad and it charges.

Even though wireless charging has had a slow start in use, it is finally well in the market today. Most high-end Android phones including the Samsung Galaxy, Microsoft Lumia and Google Nexus lines all require a wireless charging pad to be used.

Large companies such as Ikea are also taking it on-board with their furniture; some bedside-tables are now inbuilt charging pads, offering wireless charging. McDonald’s’ introduction of wireless charging pads in their London restaurants as well as Starbucks’ use of Powermat charging pads, essentially prove that the wireless charging industry is in full swing.


The Future for Wireless Charging?

It’s been said that 2017 is the year where wireless charging will begin to truly take a charge especially with the rumours from Apple unveiling its 10th anniversary “iPhone 8” near the end of the year with capabilities of wireless charging.

There has also been an introduction to wireless charging rooms. Yes, it is possible to literally walk into the room and have your phone begin to charge while it’s still in your pocket. Disney Research (yes, the same Disney you know of) has taken the idea of wireless charging to a whole new level with creating a room that enables several devices to charge at once without having to connect to plug in anything. However, there may be a large setback: the ceiling, floor and walls must be mostly made of aluminium and there is a pole dead centre of the room to create this charging field. Nevertheless, Disney totally ditches the idea of using charging pads – today’s current concept of wireless charging.


Wireless Charging – it’s definitely growing…

From Ikea furniture to your local McDonald’s being equipped with charging capabilities, this growth in the use of wireless charging indeed, only shows that there is much more to come.

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