Case Study: Your Fitness & Power Fix @ Anytime Fitness Camperdown

24 hours a day. 7 days a week. Anytime Fitness has got you sorted. It’s the atmosphere of the gym itself that will get you motivated, the people surrounding you that will keep you focused and the staff that will give that extra push of motivation.


But the thing is, do you always feel like your phone is soon to run out of battery when you hit the gym? It’s great news for us that Anytime Fitness in Camperdown have got a Chargebar in their venue now! With so many frequent visitors, it saves people from the fear of a dead battery – yes, indeed a #firstworldproblem. It’s a great gym perk, especially at a place attracting the young and tech-savvy people of today whose phones seem to be just an extension of their arm.


Gym goers definitely won’t be the only ones getting a workout now – the phone charging station will too.


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